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Marissa; I have a lot of fandom a but I'm really into Tokyo Ghoul and Free right now.

Pansexual female, 21 :)
I love people because people matter,
their minds matter, not their bodies,
organs or hobbies.

I'm really into anime, you'll see a lot of
fandoms on my blog and I hope you can stay for while
I love getting messages from people
and I'd love to gain a piece of me
By having you as a friend.

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I got one of those sleeping masks you put over your eyes to keep the light out of your eyes and i was like “haha I wonder what this looks like on” so i took it to the mirror and put it on and then I realized the flaw in my plan

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cant believe how much i like this kid already

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey it's your crush anon! I hope your week so far is going good. Also what's your favourite animal? Fast food chain? Hope your weekend goes great ;3;
mi-drinkade-saki mi-drinkade-saki Said:

Ah! Crush anon I want to know about you too! My favourite animal… I really like owls I’m pretty boring! Fast food chain? Panera is pretty yummy! Thanks, it’s my last few days before school starts oye oye!

Now come on anon! Are you in school? How do you feel about flip flops and socks? What’s your middle name?

The way he breathes you in when he kisses you.
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modern au bubbline bye

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